YYY – YummY FridaY: Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

TGIF – sadly, this credo is incompatible with a serious university life most of the time. Weekends are not the beautiful “no-brainer, doing nothing, hanging around in sweat pants”-kind of days for us students. Normally, weekends equal hours upon hours of hard-working, grand thinking, lengthy reading and ingenious writing (OK, I’d better admit that I am prone to exaggerate right now!). Notoriously studious human beings might even replace TGIF with TGIS (aka Thank God It’s Sunday). I already told you that I am an exaggerating kind of person, right?

However long your to-do-list for the weekend or however wrecked your brain might be from an incredibly laborious university-week, you should really try to find some time for yourself on a weekend though. Personally, I like to reserve some time on Friday evenings to do whatever I like to do. Strangely enough, I almost always end up reading and slowly reducing the piles of books that surround me all the time. No matter what, I try to really allow myself 2-3 hours of precious me-time every week. And guess what? It reduces stress even better than a yoga class…

Let’s get to the point! Clearly you need something milky and chocolatey and warm and delicious to go with a good read in your me-time. I’d suggest: marshmallow hot chocolate.  It only makes sense, don’t you think?


1 cup/mug of milk (any fat content you fancy)

3 heaped tablespoons of dark/milk/white (whatever you prefer) chocolate chips

2 (really big) marshmallows

Tiny sugar stars for decoration

  • Gently heat milk over low heat.  Whisk constantly so the milk doesn’t burn.
  • Add the chocolate chips to the hot milk.  Whisk until completely blended and super delicious looking.
  • Add one of the two marshmallows, which you have reduced into smaller pieces. Stir until the marshmallow pieces have dissolved.
  • Pour into a mug and top with cocoa powder, tiny sugar stars and a marshmallow-heart (I used a cookie-cutter to get the heart-shape)

Now lean back and enjoy your me-time!

One thought on “YYY – YummY FridaY: Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

  1. Mmmmm! 😀 Just perfect for that Friday feeling.
    I definitely have a craving for this now. Sadly I am distinctly lacking in chocolate chips, marshmallows, and sugar stars… 😦 Guess it’s a cup of tea for me again. (Note to self: must add these things to the shopping list…)

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