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YYY – YummY FridaY: Apple Chips

I don’t have much time at all… like most of you at the moment I guess. Papers, presentations and exams are stealing all my time from me. That’s why this post is ultra-short. And the recipe is one for a healthy snack which is easy as hell: Apple Chips.

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YYY – YummY FridaY: Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

TGIF – sadly, this credo is incompatible with a serious university life most of the time. Weekends are not the beautiful “no-brainer, doing nothing, hanging around in sweat pants”-kind of days for us students. Normally, weekends equal hours upon hours of hard-working, grand thinking, lengthy reading and ingenious writing (OK, I’d better admit that I am prone to exaggerate right now!). Notoriously studious human beings might even replace TGIF with TGIS (aka Thank God It’s Sunday). I already told you that I am an exaggerating kind of person, right? Continue reading

YYY- YummY FridaY: Halloween Special

Halloween is drawing nearer and so are the many parties or “horror-nights” organised by friends, family or oneself. Spooky costumes, the creepy atmosphere, the bloody movies – all of these things are quite quickly organised and prepared. The question that remains is the one about food.

Just like you might have been wondering what to cook and serve on ‘all hallow’s eve’, I have been wondering about what recipe to present you this time. A soup again? Sweet cupcakes (again)? Party food or a real three course menu? I couldn’t decide… So what I’m going to do is simply presenting you a smallish range of different things all of them related with Halloween – and some of them uncannily lovely! Continue reading

YYY – YummY FridaY: Red Curry Coconut Thai Soup

When reading Steph’s article about cupcakes last week, my mouth got so watery that I practically had to jump into the kitchen myself and do some baking. That’s why I have decided to start another series of posts, namely one on cooking and baking called „YYY-YummY FridaY“. Today’s topic: Red Curry Coconut Thai Soup.

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