Fitness Myth #2: The Healthy Foods Misconception

Were you ever enjoying achocolate bar or some fries until someone remarked: “I don’t eat junk food, it makes you fat.”? Well, the good news is: they’re wrong.

Let’s take a look at what junk food really does:

Foods like candies, cakes, potato chips, onion rings, etc. are usually full of fuel our body needs but unfortunately this fuel consists mostly of so-called empty calories. This means that while these foods supply you with lots of energy, they do not supply you with any of the other things your body needs, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. Also, they often contain unhealthy levels of simple sugars, saturated fats, salt, etc.

Why healthy foods aren’t always slim foods:
Even if you live exclusively on foods that are high in nutrients, this alone will not prevent weight gain. The problem is that many foods, while full of important nutrients, are also high-calorie. Most nuts, for example, have a higher calorie density than chocolate.

In short, a little junk food every now and then will not destroy your figure (or your health). The important thing to remember is that if your caloric intake is higher than your output, your body will store the excess in fat (even if that excess came from fresh avocados and whole wheat bread). So go ahead, have a cupcake and lose the guilt!

One thought on “Fitness Myth #2: The Healthy Foods Misconception

  1. I remember living off of a diet of chips (or as my British friends my say: crisps) and beer. Unhealthy? Hell yes! Making me fat? Definitely not. I actually lost weight during that time (and I am not surprised about that).

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