the generation that lost

the generation that lost

the classics are long past

erudite talking too

jumps in the primordial soup

and their embellished unadorned

outcomes failed.

then came a new way of fighting

of beating lines of pox

piles of rocks

open roads in enclosed streets

elites of masters

without degree.

all is past

they all lost their vibe

the last of which

against present vibrations.

now facts not feelings

post facts not facts

feelings and nothing more

Lenore and other angels

remember without thinking

or think to think of deeds.

displaced realities

a sour land loved

rejected. objected

voices from every corner

each a wanderer.

all these

a lost generation

with or without nation

breaking grounds anew

already old marked

by earthworms

coming out of the ground

and retreating with

contaminated nutrients.

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