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Poetry Monday #5: Untitled

by Carmen Brack

I wish I could breathe fire
Into every other face
A breath ripe with desire
A breath that leaves a trace

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Poetry Monday #4: First Love

First Love
by Rahel Bamert

First love it felt so real
What am I for if not to learn?
And I saw your heart was made of steel
Impossible to break or burn

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Poetry Monday #3: Imagining Plymouth

Imagining Plymouth
by Annina Melliger

A cold place, yet dry, this Plymouth must be;
Only the chilly spray of the sea
Moistens the air and dampens the hair
Of the lone human, standing in prayer
Atop the cliffs, looking down
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Poetry Monday #2: Dark Circus

Dark Circus
by Friedrich Jo

A dark night out
A moonless night
You walk along
You walk alone
A lightless world
Indifference and war
A world of alcohol and nicotine
Of fear and hate
Of fevered sleep and codeine
You run through darkness, break down in darkness
You hear a call  Enter! Enter!
See the black tent rise  Enter! Enter!
strings of gleaming red eyes shine

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Poetry Monday #1: Odes to Night

Last Night
by Andreas Gerster

Last night bogmen, creepy-crawlies,
pixies, goblins, like in stories
came to dance in my back garden
wi’out as much as “Beg your pardon!”

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Poetry Monday: Call for Submissions

Train Window
by Raph al Guul

Look out the window, what do you see?
Your gaze is roaming, running wild and free: Continue reading