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Il viaggio a Reims

By Eva Huber

One last time it was showed at the Opera House in Zurich: Il Viaggio a Reims; and I was lucky enough to get the chance to see it.

Rossini’s last Italian opera only consists of one act and is further divided into different scenes. The frame story is simple: various noble European people conglomerate in the Golden Lily spa hotel in anticipation of their departure for King Charles X’s coronation that evening. Much to their disappointment, however, the departure is adjourned indefinitely as no horses are at free disposal. In order to soothe the subdued mood, a party to celebrate the coronation is promised to be thrown the following day.

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The Turn of the Screw

By Eva Huber

20th century chamber opera composed by Benjamin Britten, based on the novella written by Henry James


“Nearly there
Very soon I shall know,
I shall know what’s in store for me.”

I awaited the start of the evening with the same feelings the governess experiences when she’s on the stage for the first time. While the audience is ignorant of the night’s procedure, the governess starts a distinctly new period of her life, serving as a governess in a big mansion far away from home.

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