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Free things to do in Zurich

By Andreas Gerster
If you’re new to Zurich, as I was a few years ago, and not exactly rolling in money, you might be wondering what you can do in Zurich that doesn’t cost money and is more exciting than window shopping. Even if you’re not so new to Zurich, you still might be interested in things that are a bit off the beaten track. All of the tips on this list have been tested and approved by a select committee of experts (i.e. me). Enjoy!

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American Pancakes

Natalia Messmer

I have always wanted to try making the American pancakes, as I call it, but… something was always holding me. Sometimes there were waffles, sometimes a chocolate Guglhupf or strawberry Tiramisu… Finally, I have tried the recipe and the pancakes have instantly become my favorite! 🙂


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Burning Fat vs Reducing Body Fat

Now that I’ve started studying for my state-licensed exam (“Fitnessinstruktorin mit eidg. Fachausweis”), I’m starting to realize how many unscientific half-truths we use without thinking about it.
For instance, a lot of customers work out to “burn fat”. However, few people actually mean they want to improve the efficiency of lipolysis. This would be the goal of, say, a long distance runner who needs a (slow but steady) energy source of almost unlimited availabity. Most people, however, simply want to reduce their body fat.

ebereit2As can be seen on the chart, the higher the energy expenditure, the less it has to do with “burning fat”. Fat is a fairly slow source of energy and, in percentage (not absolute numbers!), the less you do, the more your body relies on fat. Sleeping, for example, can be done mostly by burning fat. But, by morning, you might have burned the calories of about one glass of milk.
To reduce body fat, you want to expend high calorie levels. The chart shows that high energy expenditure means relying on fast energy sources that are only available for limited periods at a time.
To return to running: try sprinting for 1-2 minutes followed by easy jogging or walking for 1-2 minutes. Including warm up and cool down, around 20-30 minutes in total. This will allow you to burn lots of calories for a short period of time during your sprint. Also, it will allow you to replenish your quick and quickly depleted high energy sources during your jog or walk.

Low Carb Dessert Idea: Stracciatella Curd

ImageIf you like to keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum (carbohydrates being a non-essential macronutrient) but you still enjoy fast, easy desserts, try this sometime! You’ll only need:

– 100g of 100% cocoa dark chocolate (e.g. Sélection 100% Cacao Madagaskar at Migros)

– 2 tubs (500g) of curd cheese

– 5-6 sachets of low carb sweetener (e.g. Splenda)

1) Break the chocolate into little pieces and melt it (you can either melt it on the top of a double boiler or nuke it in the microwave on the lowest possible setting).

2) Add 2 sachets of sweetener to the molten chocolate and mix well.

3) Stirring the curd constantly, slowly pour the chocolate into the curd.

4) Sweeten to taste.


The Zurich English Student Podcast #1

The first Episode of the Zurich English Student Podcast; Raph and Jenny ramble about university-related matters and whatever else matters to them. Bear with us on this one and please provide us with any sort of constructive feedback (use the comment section or send us an email) so that we can eliminate problems if possible.

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Raspberry Tiramisu

Whenever I’m invited and asked to bring something, I make this Raspberry Tiramisu (a family recipe that has to be there on every birthday). Everyone loves it and it’s really easy to make! 200% guarantee of success 🙂

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Pastry Classics: Cheesecake

I love cheesecakes! Surprisingly, I have not baked one myself until recently, being caught in prejudices about the difficulty of the process. However, I have overcome my doubts and have found a recipe which I would like to share with you 🙂






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