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Raspberry Tiramisu

Whenever I’m invited and asked to bring something, I make this Raspberry Tiramisu (a family recipe that has to be there on every birthday). Everyone loves it and it’s really easy to make! 200% guarantee of success 🙂

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What “makes a Swiss”?

Rossella Blattmann

A few weeks ago, nineteen year old Sandra Marjanovic from Volketswil (ZH) was elected Miss Zürich 2012. Straight after the election, an article about the beauty queen appeared on the online version of Tages-Anzeiger. I expected to see reader comments about whether beauty pageants are something positive or negative, or debating whether the new Miss Zurich should be blonde, taller or have a more pronounced cleavage! I was obviously wrong. Sadly, it was comments about Sandra Marjanovic’s origin that prevailed. I was shocked and alarmed to see that a great proportion of the newspaper’s readership seems to believe that people with a different cultural background other are second-class citizens, not “true” Swiss – whatever that may be anyway. (This is especially true for the Balkan countries; in Switzerland the ending –ic sets many people into a state of alert.)  Continue reading