Chinese Drama: “The Princess Weiyoung”

Looking for movies or series to watch, I have stumbled upon The Princess Weiyoung, Chinese TV-series (2016). It can be found on Netflix and, surprisingly, online. A catch: the series were not synchronized. Therefore, I was excited to hear Mandarin and prepared to follow (English) subtitles.

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Review: “Dexter”


By Natalia Messmer

Until recently I was a fan of typical “women” series such as Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Yet a couple of months ago I joined my husband when he started to watch new series on cable TV. The first episode was quite shocking and I was not sure I wanted to see another one: there were crime scenes with lots of blood and a young creepy forensic technician who looked pretty much excited when it came to blood pattern analysis. However, that was the first impression. After the third episode all I wanted was more of Dexter.

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BA Courses: Impressions

Natalia Messmer

Shakespeare and Tragedy

(1-semester course, 3 CP)

In this course you will get a detailed look at such masterpieces as Othello, Julius Caesar or Macbeth (depending on the course outline). It is, of course, desirable to get acquainted with the plays before each session (or, for those who are planning way ahead, during a semester break); however, you can also read the play after the class and enjoy it nonetheless. What is essential is to attend classes – even if you do not manage to write everything down, active listening will do its job, too. Continue reading “BA Courses: Impressions”

Magic Kingdom for Sale – SOLD! (Terry Brooks)

Natalia Messmer

Have you ever thought of escaping from this world into another reality where you could be… a king? In Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom for Sale it seems possible. Ben Holiday, a successful lawyer from Chicago, is trying to get his life back to normal after his wife’s death in a car accident. A couple of weeks before Christmas he notices a strange advertising in an exclusive presents’ catalogue: someone is offering a kingdom for sale. Continue reading “Magic Kingdom for Sale – SOLD! (Terry Brooks)”

All or Nothing: Kon-Tiki (2012)


Natalia Messmer

Kon-Tiki is based on real events which makes the film even more exciting. The story starts in 1947 when Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian explorer and writer, decides to prove his theory about South American settlers in Polynesia, by following exactly the same way they took – across the Pacific Ocean on a balsa raft. The whole idea seems dangerous, if not crazy, yet Heyerdahl is not a man who gives up in front of difficulties. Continue reading “All or Nothing: Kon-Tiki (2012)”

Love is in the Air: 10 Romantic Movies

Natalia Messmer

“I know that love is unconditional. But I also know that it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable and strangely easy to mistake for loathing…” (Yvaine, Stardust)

Love is an important part of our life. It can turn a common boy into a hero, break one’s heart or give it wings, reach the stars, travel to another world and beyond, do stupid things or noble deeds. Although there are numerous novels, poems, songs, movies and paintings about that wonderful feeling, new aspects of love are constantly found. Here are some romantic films which became classics of our time.


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