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Toenail Clippings

After the two really cool Creative Writing course stories which already have been posted (Carmen’s Casting Bones and Ciara’s Calling Mary) here’s one of mine. It’s a “shortest short”, written for last year’s Creative Writing course – hope you enjoy it!


It started last week, on Monday morning. I was on the bus on my way to work, when I suddenly noticed a tingling sensation in the middle finger of my right hand. I tried to get rid of it by moving my fingers and shaking my hand, but it would not cease. By the time I arrived at the office and started to work in my cubicle, the tingling had intensified and was painful, but, apart from being a bit irritating, it did not impede my work. It was when I wanted to leave, around five, that the finger came off. Without blood or pus or whatnot, it just detached from my hand. I was in a hurry because I wanted to catch the bus, so I put the finger into the outside pocket of my briefcase and left. Continue reading