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It’s Going To Be … Earnest


The Blueprint Masquerades are currently rehearsing their new play: Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. I’m sure everyone of you is familiar with this play (since we’re all good English students and know our stuff…) but just in case it has been awhile since you last read it or your spark notes website doesn’t work, here’s what happens (and yes, I copied that from the bpm website; so the following are not my words – just to make sure that nobody will accuse me of plagiarism). Note: If you don’t want any spoilers because you haven’t read the play yet, stop reading. Now. Or just read the end of this post.

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Revelations: Summer Project 2013 by The Blueprint Masquerades

Revelations: Summer Project 2013 by The Blueprint Masquerades

While you enjoy the delicious food and beverages the FAVA will offer on May 30th, the Blueprint Masquerades would like to entertain you with several ‘revealing’ plays and short stories. Admission is free!

(F)Ailing (T)Errors – Buy tickets now!


Hear ye! Hear ye!

The Blueprint Masquerades proudly present …

… an English Drama Group production

… a world premiere

… an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing

Come and see our performance of the hilarious musical

(F)Ailing   (T)Errors

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The Blueprint Masquerades

Another term has just started and we are immediately diving into work now. This year, the drama group need your help again. After last year’s performance had to be cancelled (refusal of rights), we have decided to write our own play. It is based on Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado about Nothing.

Everybody is warmly welcome to join. We need actors, musicians and people who just want to have fun. Just drop in on

Wednesday, September 26th and/or on

Wednesday, October 3rd at the Kafistübli (ES).

Of course, this invitation is not only directed to students but also to staff members who would like to play some drama. We are looking forward to meeting you.

The Blueprint Masquerades

(The English Drama Group of Zurich)


On Thursday, 10/27/11, the English Seminar, along with some others, had the pleasure and honour of meeting Roland Emmerich for the purpose of a panel discussion with Prof. Bronfen. The topic was Emmerich’s new movie, Anonymous, which deals with the author of Shakespeare’s plays. Bronfen was very interested in the depiction of Queen Elizabeth I, which the movie portrays in a new and fascinating way. Students were especially interested in Emmerich’s work as a director. The latter evaluated the success of the movie as quite low but admitted that the fun doing it was worth it. This fun and his enthusiasm are palpable in the movie itself. For those of you who did not get the chance to go to the preview, I have summed up the content for you. For those of you who attended the discussion, this article will give you the opportunity to  participate in a further discussion about the film, as well as about the encounter between Emmerich and Bronfen.

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about to be

Lying on the ground
not being able to move
Out of breath
without air to breathe
Struggling, fighting, losing
what? what … for? for what?
Crawling, falling, tumbling, trembling
Hoping for
balance, courage, strength
to stand _____


The English Drama Group is still looking for new members. Please sign up at the bulletin board or at the door of the Kafistübli and send a mail to “” if you are interested. A first meeting will take place at October 20th. You will receive more information via email. We are looking forward to meeting you all!