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Wellies, Rain, Skyfall. Oh, and Orcas.

by Annina Melliger

In Switzerland I was told I would need “Wellies” for my trip to England. All my friends obsessed with the country said so. I didn’t listen, and now I wish I had.
My problem began with the name: What on earth is a Wellie? A mix of an Orca whale and Willy Wonka? Apparently not. Short for Wellington boots, the name comes from when the first Duke of Wellington donned such footwear, thus popularizing the accessory. Lacking such historically relevant and uber-exciting background knowledge, however, I could not guess that it meant a type of rubber boot to protect the wearer from bad weather. And in Plymouth, specifically, also from the sea. P1030424 Continue reading


Paths of a City

by Annina Melliger

Hard footsteps in the dead of morning, heard walking down the muted calico-like cobble-stoned streets. The clean, crisp air pricks our cheeks, drawing crimson blood to the surface. As the deepest, most saturated violet velvet of the vast heavens above barely begin to pale into an indigo hue, we look up at the stars and I see Orion’s bejeweled belt. The cool cobalt color of the sky reflects Continue reading

Goold’s Gold

by: Annina Melliger

Q: What do The Merchant of Venice, Pinocchio and Toy Story 1 all have in common?

A: Performing puppets and decapacitated dolls: the horrors of children’s nightmares.

The Merchant of Venice. Photo by Ellie Kurttz.

Rupert Goold’s production of one of Shakespeare’s most complex and difficult plays gives an uncanny sense of bleak darkness to the play, nothing anyone could expect when the spectacle begins. It is certainly not how most people would interpret the Spanish word for meadows. In any case, as soon as the concept was first announced to be Las Vegas, I was quite intrigued, giddy to see how the director would manage such a stunt. Continue reading


Finland, late September.

Mommy, mommy! Why are the trees so golden red?

The colored ones are on fire, honey. Don’t go near them; you might burn yourself.

Mommy, mommy! Why is the sky so dark and grey? Continue reading