Vök: Album Review Figure



By Aisling Ehrismann

Now this is a debut album to look out for. The Icelandic four piece Vök swivels in a psychedelic out-of-this-world like atmosphere with their first full length album release. The band started out as participants of an annual music battle contest in Iceland and won as a result of their uniqueness. Now their first album Figure is out, it reminds of the XX’s debut but still manages to step out of their shadow. Figure is more bold and innovative as the synths in the electronic hymn Polar show. Its avant-garde style is also suggestive of Björk’s lasting impression on the Nordic music scene.

Figure is about the many facets, forms and shapes the band has. Cold but also passionate currents weave themselves through the arrangements. There is a dusky, atmospheric tenderness as well as a romantic throbbing just waiting to burst out. A dystopic sense distorts the more dreamy sequences in their melodic synth tracks. The album opener and current single Breaking Bones particularly stands out. With its moody and pounding attitude it sort of glides over the listener. Eeriness and melancholy define this ethereal electronic-pop debut.


High vocals from lead singer Margrét pierce through and her lower tones soothingly coil around you throughout the whole album but especially in Lightning Storm. The song alludes to the harshness of the cold Icelandic winter. The heaviness of the snow completely covering the landscape is brought about with Margrét’s understated velvety vocals. But not only fans of slow melancholy soundtracks get their money’s worth. There are a few more upbeat and danceable tracks as well. Therefore, don’t miss them playing live (tonight)!

Tonight (14th of May 2017)

7pm at Mascotte, Zurich.