A Restless Heart and Obsidian Skies

By Raph al Guul

IMG_3248Tender feet on stony ground, a scarlet moon in the sky. She had woken to the sound of passing time or perhaps just the shadow of a dream. Something had been calling her. And though she didn’t know what it was, she felt it best to find the call’s origin.

For too long she had been looking inward and found nothing but unrest. Years, perhaps ages she spent searching for her own genuine soul. And all that was there were burning questions born out of sheer self-doubt. Soon it would be too late for questions.

Small and careful steps she takes through the wind and the rain. The moonlight is barely strong enough to reach the ground. There are no stars, only obsidian above. And through the storm, she hears the faint whisper of the sea.

A delicate sound it is, an even rhythm, like the pleasant clicking of a finely tuned clock, almost misplaced amidst all the anger and turmoil of the elements around her. She follows the call, but for the first time in her life she feels that she is not following at all, blazing a new trail all by her own. As if to come to the aid of a long lost love, she braves the darkness with unparalleled determination.

Drenched to the bone she arrives at the shore. In the red hue of moonlight she can barely make out the small boat drifting close by, sails taken down. It appears to be intact, despite the sea waking up to the roar of the storm now. She knows that the vessel just about twenty feet off the shore will carry her away tonight.

She wades into the water, doesn’t feel the cold one bit. Wrists crossed over her chest, shoulder first, she breaks the waves before they wash over her. The ocean objects to her intrusion, though it cannot dissuade her.

The water almost reaches up to her neck by the time she arrives at the boat. It’s tossing and turning in the dark, making it difficult to get a hold of the vessel. But a few concentrated attempts are enough for her to succeed. She pulls herself up, nearly capsizing it.

As if by cue, winds and tide turn. Within seconds the shore fades into obsidian and merges with the sky. But she is not looking back.

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