A Breath From the North

A man and a man in a room with a name unknown.

Some people call it a house of terror, some

they say it’s a place of fun, of drug and liquor,

of smoke and needle. Then he’s come, alone,

from far away to feel the frenzy. – What?

– Away! Away!

– May I help you, sir?

He asked while opening the door – he had no right

to ask, the Smurfs this time were close to get him.

– I thought there was a bar, here around.

Dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo duh

– There’s none. Now come. You’re mine. – he shut the door.

– Come out! – We know you’re there! – Show yourself!

– I do not wish to come.

– I don’t wish to come!

– Come out! – We know you’re there! – Free him!

Unharmed a man and a man from a room unknown

came out. Unknown what might have happened inside.

The side of right, the side of wrong, unknown

to all involved.

The situation resolved

in nothing still, still in nothingness,

uneducated paths of fullness.

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