Review: “Dexter”


By Natalia Messmer

Until recently I was a fan of typical “women” series such as Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Yet a couple of months ago I joined my husband when he started to watch new series on cable TV. The first episode was quite shocking and I was not sure I wanted to see another one: there were crime scenes with lots of blood and a young creepy forensic technician who looked pretty much excited when it came to blood pattern analysis. However, that was the first impression. After the third episode all I wanted was more of Dexter.

Dexter Morgan (forensic technician) is everyone’s darling at Miami Metro Police Department: he is always cheerful and friendly, making jokes and bringing colleagues doughnuts for breakfast. He is always eager to work on a crime scene and is enjoying his field (blood analysis). However, this is just a surface of an iceberg. When out of the office, Dexter is spending his free time doing what he really loves to do – and it is not an ordinary hobby like jogging, sailing or bowling. Dexter is a vigilante serial killer.

Here the first conflict of the series comes into play: how can a person work in the force and at the same time practice his own justice? Is it a mental disorder or is Dexter a new “superhero”, cleaning up the city from criminals? From one side, he wants to have a normal life – go out with friends, have a family. From the other, he has a “dark passenger”, a part of his psyche that makes him kill in order to satisfy his urges. Since being a teenager, Dexter has realized that only killing makes him feel content with himself and the world. There are deep personal and psychological reasons for such state of things, which will be revealed throughout the series, in eight seasons (2006 – 2013).


Michael C. Hall (Dexter) is doing a great job, portraying a character who it torn apart between the desire to be normal and satisfy his need for a kill. The young man is following the code his father has taught him, namely he is killing only criminals (rapists, murderers and such) who managed to walk free despite legal charges. Alongside him, Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan, Dexter’s sister) is playing an ambitious police officer, who is always following the rules of the job, but struggling with her personal and family relationships. Debra is a total opposite of Dexter: for her the world is clearly black and white. She relies on stability of the legal system and is doing her best solving numerous crimes in Miami. When it comes to romantic relationship, she is extremely unlucky – her boyfriends are either turning to be bad guys or are murdered by such.

No need to go into detail about Season 1, since spoilers are taking away the suspense and intrigue – you should try these series out and see for yourself if you like it (or not). Dexter has much to offer: exciting investigations, criminals (who are getting crazier and crazier with each season), brother/sister issues and romantic misfortunes, alongside with personal conflicts of Debra and Dexter who could not have been more different, yet are unable to exist without each other.


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