a word that reekly strikes admits no nay
it touches every bundle in the wood
the cortex of life the core text of man
coral is far more red than her lips’ red
it vexes t’wards th’aporia block in stock

contiguous entities share no unity
but that exposed forbidden liaison
of form reformed from frames unfreed
unmasking the danger betwixt the metaphor
which seems the only figure on the ground
elevating but for saliences but for silences
of an underscored aphasia

something missing
quoth the peremptory adventurer!
whom did you see did you enjoy whom?
what is missing now what is lacking
in the time you think you need a blast

come again my gentle folk sing
about the myths in ancient greece
I forgot I forgot forgotten
lines of black cars darkened men
aligned by them light and vanished by time
forgot I, I, I guess I
forgot also procedural understandings
of how this alienated language works

never have I ever understood
never have I ever truly dreamed
to understand or even thought of mastering
my thought

belief drags me always on
certainty that all these maddened bloody corpses
unbodied by coarse actions engendered now
on virgin sheets on feeble stains on
and away, on on the lawn of today


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