What a fun night I’m having with my pals Gunnar and Alfred

By Nadine Schwizer

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Friday, 22/01/2016

I’m a 22-year-old on a Friday night in Zurich and I just spent the night having pizza and playing Singstar and Buzz on the Playstation with two friends of mine (and Gunnar and Alfred of course) and absolutely zero drinks (thanks to my painkillers, which have so far been my best mates, right after Gunnar and Alfred). So far, so good.

It was fun, but to everyone who thinks they can have just as much fun without any alcohol involved: no, you can’t! Seriously, you can definitely have some fun, but just not as much fun, really. Anyway, after about 4 hours of watching my friends have the latter, I decided to go home and enjoy the rest of my night with my equally sober pals Gunnar and Alfred. There’s no shame in that, really! They’re great company!

So I started walking to the tram stop, with a little help from my friends (yup, I’m going to continue making these song puns) Gunnar and Alfred. But when I got on the tram, I realised something: it’s Friday night! People are going out tonight! There were people my age everywhere having a laugh, drinking, just enjoying life. And then there was me, with my very sexy hallux shoes, being far too sober and finding myself on my way home before 12. Well, that was a new experience!

When I got off the tram I felt quite melodramatic at first, remembering those good old times when I still would’ve been on that tram drinking and only just starting the night out. But then I realised: I can go home with Gunnie and Alfie now, hell yeah! And let me tell you guys, after you actually rely on your incredibly pretty shoes so much that you actually bag them up – your feet inside – so you can take a shower without risking dying in what would be a far too hilarious accident, you learn to value those motherfuckers more than anything in the world – even more than a Friday night out in Zurich.


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