Dear X,

I dream of a sexless world inhabited by a people without carnal urges. The human need to hump each other disgusts me. What makes us better than rabbits on the field whose primary life urge is to breed? Every romantic letter, every tender declaration of love is somehow linked to the fact that you want to get naked with someone else and get in touch with their genitals. How incredibly profane!

I dream of an intellectual romance where only ideas matter, where corporeal needs are inexistent. Isn’t it somewhat repulsive that nearly all the romances in the world are, in one way or the other, commenced by the need to touch each other’s body, to copulate? Copulate, even the word fills me with nausea. Why does sexuality still matter? Haven’t we evolved from this blind need to procreate? Aren’t humans intellectual beings? Sure, there’s this need for putting more human beings in the world. As if our planet wasn’t already overpopulated. But even that can be solved asexually with the advancement of technology! We could have relations that were simply based on the exchange of thoughts. People could read each other poetry or discuss philosophical problems. What a wonderful, peaceful world this could be! I can’t stop dreaming about this world.

Yours sincerely,


3 thoughts on “Platonic

  1. hypodemicnoodle

    Dear Y

    I just wanna fuck bad bitches
    All them nights I never had bitches
    Now I’m all up in that ass bitches
    Mad at ‘cha boyfriend, aint ‘cha?
    You’se a bad girl, gotta spank ya
    Gotta thank ya for that head clinic
    Explicit, hella photogenic
    And tell your friends where the dick’s at
    Where they can get hit and won’t get back to they soulmate
    Before you kiss ’em use Colgate
    “She Swallowed It!” Yeah the bitch took the whole eight
    and ran with it, then let Mel-Man hit it
    and Hitman hit it; damn bitches
    Man, this is what I’m talkin about
    Chicken-head, chicken-fed, with a dick in your mouth
    Out and about with your nigga like it never took place
    (Airtouched) Next time you need a taste

    I just wanna fuuuuuck you
    No touchin and rubbin gul, you got a husband who loves.. you..
    Don’t need you all in mine
    I just wanna fuuuuuck you
    We can’t be kissin and huggin gul, you got a husband who loves.. you..
    You need to give him your quality time

    Yours truly


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