Insufferable annoyance

Dear X,

I’m sorry but this has to stop. My limit is reached and my resources are exhausted. It’s not you, or, at least, not entirely you.

The truth is: I can’t stand being with you anymore. You’re driving me crazy. It was okay before we started living together but once I got a deep insight in your lifestyle I really have to face it: this will never work.

You know I flatter myself to say that I’m a rather consequential person. I live exactly the way I want to live. I completed my PhD in physics because I wanted to research in the field of particle science. I’m a vegetarian because I abhor the meat industry. I go jogging daily because I want to avoid cardiac diseases.

And you? In everything you do you’re so amazingly inconsequential. You put yourself on a diet only to drink a chocolate milk shake the day after. You make the resolution to finish an assignment in one evening only to procrastinate for two months. You start climbing a mountain and only to decide within the last few yards that you’re too tired to reach the peak. Whole days you can sit in front of your TV forgetting all about the goals you’ve set yourself.

If it was only one aspect of your life I could deal with it. Sure, you can be a bit inconsequential with your diet or the handling of your workload. But, damn it, your whole life is quintessentially inconsequent! It’s like whenever you put your mind on something you pursue it half-heartedly for a while only to drop it some time later like you never cared about it in the first place. It wouldn’t really matter to me what you care about in life as long as there is something! But you’re devoid of passion. I guess you wouldn’t even be with me if you had been forced to pursue me a little.

I don’t wanna say that you’re a bad person. You’re fun to talk to, have a drink or spend a night out with. But to spend my life with you?! Maybe if I was more tolerant I could let you live the life you choose without getting upset. But I’m not that big a person. Since I’ve been living with you I’ve started taking tequila shots whenever I see you abandoning one of your ambitions, to avoid screaming at you. And I don’t want to become an alcoholic.

Yours sincerely,


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