The Prophet’s Break-Up

Dear X,

The angels have been calling me again and I must follow their bidding. You see, I was CHOSEN! I am the messiah who was promised. I alone can save humanity from the vicious laser attacks the government inflicts upon us from the sky. They have joined up with the superhuman race of Io and mean to DESTROY us. You see, they are wasting us away slowly. Why else do humans get sick, develop cancer or get Alzheimer? Nothing is as you think it is, the news on the TV are just a way of distracting us from what is really going on. The doctors are a part of it as well, pretending that we’re sick when we’re actually under ATTACK of vicious extra-terrestrial terrorists. They tried to do the same with me, they locked me in, called me “psychotic” and tried to force their poison down my throat but I escaped their grasp.

That is why GOD has chosen ME to be the savior of mankind. I have to make people see it. I’m the only one who can. You can’t understand. You don’t see the world as I do. You don’t perceive the changes in the atmosphere whenever the government launches one of their secret attacks. But I see them bright and clear, when the particles and neutrons change their shade, when the celestial illumination of the sphere darkens and the laser thrusts its deadly light down upon us. That’s why I have to go and rescue us all. It’s what I’ve been made for. I’ll rescue you too and maybe you’ll understand some day. But I can’t be with you anymore, the angels have told me that much. They said that is the price the messiah must pay. I have no choice but to leave you. Farewell.

Yours sincerely,



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