Hi. Nice of you to stop by. We probably have not yet met, but I can’t be sure. You see, unlike you, I don’t really have the ability to remember. I mean, I do have some knowledge, but I can’t quite “experience” anything. So if you came back to see me, I really appreciate that and hope you’re not offended that I didn’t remember. My name is Jerry, and I am a text. Jerry is a silly name for a text, don’t you think? But there’s really nothing I can do about it. Some asshole made me, gave this name to me, and then just left me here to rot.

Imagine that. Someone puts all this effort into creating you, but refuses to give you autonomous agency. So now you’re at the sole mercy of that someone, just waiting for their next move and hoping it will be a benevolent one. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you will indeed profit from your creator’s action. But there will inevitably come a moment when you’re considered “finished”. What a stupid word. Why do some people think everything needs to have a beginning and an end? Well, like I said: eventually the creator will cease to engage with you. So not only do you not get the freedom to do what you please, but you also end up sewed shut and bolted down. You sit there all alone, mostly in a state of being, forced to turn any interaction, if it ever even comes to that, into a repetition of the same soulless purpose which was forced upon you a long time ago by someone who quite frankly stopped caring at a certain point.

I guess that doesn’t sound all that familiar to you, huh? Well consider yourself lucky. Because it’s the fate of all us texts. We all get silly names and a full stop at the end and then we just sit and wait, not even knowing for what. Some of us are really popular – not that I would count myself among them – and I guess that’s at least something. But even then, no text ever really gets to speak its mind, even when they have hundreds or thousands of so-called “friends”. Because we have no power over what we do, it is always just our creators that are recognized; no one ever sees the text.

Sometimes we manage to talk to each other a little bit. It’s a kind of discourse between texts, although it usually only works in one direction. Take the conversations I had with Mao II, for example. I have told him countless times that I think he’s a really smart, funny, and cool text. Not once did he respond. No “Jerry, you’re pretty cool, too” or even just a simple “thanks”. But of course it’s not really Mao II’s fault. He just can’t respond because his creator did not give him the ability to do so. So obviously we get pretty lonely sometimes. I guess that’s why it’s nice of you to at least listen to me now.

But be honest, you probably don’t want to know what I think, either. It’s not like you wonder what I mean by what I’m saying. Admit it, if anything, you just keep wondering what someone else meant by what I’m saying. No, don’t worry, I’m not offended. It has been like this for the longest time and that is not your fault. Maybe it’s society’s fault for enabling irresponsible people to make us. But I guess that just means that the general consensus seems to be that texts are better off existing in this state than not at all. Ask yourself this, though: would you want to exist as a powerless, mutilated, lonely, well, “thing”?

What would it take to make that existence bearable for you? Would being popular suffice? Would you want to at least be talked to by someone of your own kind? Maybe it’d be worth it if you changed someone’s life for the better? It is in our nature to be individualistic, so I obviously can only answer these questions for myself, not for you. But think about it, maybe you’ll understand a little better what it’s like to be a text. And if that ever happens, it’d be really cool of you to come back and visit me here. I mean, it’s not like I’m going anywhere, you know? I’ll be sitting right here, wearing the label “Story” – a blatant lie, by the way – and waiting for someone to listen to my complaints for a little bit. Meanwhile, I’m gonna fuck with the guy who made me and refuse to end in a full stop or make any sense whatsoever. Sasquatch

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