Raph al Guul

…and three, two, one: this year is done
again we’ve gone around the sun
again we closed the final gap:
a completed orbital lap
Yet it is all coincidence
and far beyond our influence
The earth just sort of moved and turned
The sun conveniently burned
No asteroids could interfere
And unexpected anomalies did not appear

It sure seems to be fitting, thus
that what really matters to us
is not the fact that time has passed
but that the past is named at last
And not just for nostalgia’s sake:
It seems that a new dawn will break
proclaiming the end of the old
to let the future now unfold
Unlike the past that took its toll
the future promises control

Yes! Finally the time is here
I won’t obey the puppeteer
My own life I will rearrange
And bring about desired change
I will be happier, nicer,
and stop being such an eyesore
I will finally quit smoking-
trust me, I will, I’m not joking!
Because now I am my own man
and what I want to do I can.

If all these resolutions fail
If on my own plan I should bail
Sure enough come twenty-fifteen
we’ll witness a similar scene
My flaws will be explained so well
by the last stroke of midnight’s bell.


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