It’s Going To Be … Earnest


The Blueprint Masquerades are currently rehearsing their new play: Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. I’m sure everyone of you is familiar with this play (since we’re all good English students and know our stuff…) but just in case it has been awhile since you last read it or your spark notes website doesn’t work, here’s what happens (and yes, I copied that from the bpm website; so the following are not my words – just to make sure that nobody will accuse me of plagiarism). Note: If you don’t want any spoilers because you haven’t read the play yet, stop reading. Now. Or just read the end of this post.

“Oscar Wilde’s 1895 comedy The Importance of Being Earnest is about the necessity of being called Ernest, but not actually being Earnest: Jack and Algernon are typical dandies; they enjoy their independence and do not care one bit about the serious side of life. But when Jack gets engaged to Algernon’s cousin Gwendolen, things get complicated. Gwendolen has only fallen in love and agreed to marry Jack because she thinks his name is Ernest, a name she adores. You see, a long time ago Jack had invented the figure of Ernest, his no-good brother, so that he would have an excuse to come up to town from the country. Once in the city, he becomes Ernest himself – and that is the version of him that Gwendolen meets. Now in a hurry to end this secret double-life, Jack rushes to the country. Imagine his surprise when he realizes his ward Cecily, too, is engaged to a man by the name of Ernest, a man whom she believes to be his brother – in truth it is his friend Algernon. When Gwendolen shows up to visit her fiancée Ernest, the drama (or rather comedy in this case) really begins.”

The Blueprint Masquerades have set Wilde’s story into the 1920s. They have also added some music to make the play even more adorable. The performances will be next spring but no worries, you’ll be reminded by means of flyers, posters, Facebook, the ZURIEST, and of course every English student and every teacher since everybody will be talking (sooner or later) about THE event of 2014!

If you would like to check out some further news or photos on The Importance of Being Earnest or The Blueprint Masquerades, please visit the website:

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