Low Carb Dessert Idea: Stracciatella Curd

ImageIf you like to keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum (carbohydrates being a non-essential macronutrient) but you still enjoy fast, easy desserts, try this sometime! You’ll only need:

– 100g of 100% cocoa dark chocolate (e.g. Sélection 100% Cacao Madagaskar at Migros)

– 2 tubs (500g) of curd cheese

– 5-6 sachets of low carb sweetener (e.g. Splenda)

1) Break the chocolate into little pieces and melt it (you can either melt it on the top of a double boiler or nuke it in the microwave on the lowest possible setting).

2) Add 2 sachets of sweetener to the molten chocolate and mix well.

3) Stirring the curd constantly, slowly pour the chocolate into the curd.

4) Sweeten to taste.

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