Not This Again…

Raph al Guul


Week by week the same old song:
Read your books, it won’t take long (yeah right)
Be on time, prepared as fit
But still, that is about it-

An innocent calendar, filled with dates:
Some menacing times and places – and names
Herald stuffy rooms, nervous nail-biting,
and of course the “randomly” breaking pens

Already you smell the promising breeze
of a break, the day after, better times-
of papers in summer’s sun. Breathe it in
Only an odor through opaque smog, though

Keep calm, create a diversion – but don’t get distracted by the shiny things that lurk in the shadows whenever you’re not looking, which you usually aren’t–
You know the questions, now learn the answers
Then learn to know them without the questions
Oh, and for sake’s god, do not mix them up!

Do not sleep, night or day, or afternoon
Make a plan to squander, make an effort
Think of it as futile, but don’t give up
Know you can do it – if you don’t know it

Though a passing grade is all that you need
Audacious ambition what you must have
It is just a natural compromise
Between two eliminated extremes

And do not think of the breeze
Only remember that it’s


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