Type A

Raph al Guul

“You’re odd,” said the blue tetromino to the orange one. The orange tetromino didn’t know what to say to that. She had always thought it didn’t matter whether you were J-shaped or L-shaped. As she stood there, helplessly staring at the judgmental tetromino, the purple T-piece weighed in on the somewhat one-sided discussion: “Don’t listen to that joker. You are just as legitimate a tetromino as all of us.

“Listen to the tetromino of tolerance!” cried the green tetromino sarcastically, nudging the red Z-piece, who promptly responded: “Oooh, we’re all created equal! My ass we are. The whole point of our existence is that we are different from one another.” The L-piece was close to tears now, not understanding why this was such a big deal. “We are different, indeed,” said the O-piece in his deep, calm voice, patting the sad orange tetromino on the back, “but we complete each other – we need each other.” “What are you, square?” yelled the green tetromino; he and his red companion burst out in laughter.

“Don’t worry about those two,” said the yellow O-piece to the L-piece, “they can be a little annoying at times. And I’m sure the J-piece didn’t mean it like that.” The blue tetromino, excited for the attention he suddenly seemed to be getting, jumped up enthusiastically: “Mean what like what?” “When you said she was odd – you weren’t trying to say there was anything wrong with that, were you?” The J-piece had to think about it for a moment: “I mean- it’s not a good thing, either, though. It’s a little creepy or something, I don’t know.” The answer did not fail to upset the orange tetromino even more. The O-piece, who had by this point established his position as the mediator in this discussion, inquired further: “What do you mean, ‘creepy’?” “Well, it’s like she is me – but not quite. Like something went wrong. You wanna rotate her but you can’t turn her into me.” “Well,” the O-piece responded, “you can’t turn me into you by rotation, either.” “But you’re not like me, you’re completely different. I don’t want to turn you into me.”

At this point the tall I-piece joined the discussion: “What do you mean he’s completely different? He’s a tetromino just like you.” The others stared at the J-piece, awaiting his response: “But look at him. He’s the O-piece!” “And she’s the L-piece.” “Yeah, but she’s like a mirrored image – a knock-off-me.” “If you see it like that, how do you know that she is the mirrored image of you, and not the other way around?” The J-piece was beginning to feel uncomfortable: “I don’t know. Because it creeps me out.” The T-piece tried to sound authoritative: “Guys, we’re all four little squares-” “Squares!” shouted the red tetromino, full of juvenile amusement. “Erm, yeah, anyway,” the purple tetromino tried to save his moment, “we’re all the same and it doesn’t matter which specific combination or color you are.” “True,” said the O-piece, “in the end, we’re trying to work together, after all.” “Yeah,” said the green tetromino grumpily, “so that the I-piece can get all the glory.”

“Now wait a minute,” said the I-piece defensively, but asserting, “it’s not my fault that you guys can’t clear four lines at once. Quite frankly, I am better than any of you – by default. Deal with it.” The S- and Z-piece were desperately trying to think of a naughty pun or joke they could make of this statement. The blue tetromino had already quite lost interest in the discussion. Both the yellow O-piece and the purple T-piece were helplessly staring to the ground. And the orange tetromino still had tears in her eyes.


Image courtesy of MathNEXUS

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