To the Stars

Raph al Guul

Far out there at the farthest edge of our galaxy, a man is reaching for a star. As he defies the laws of physics and in fact negates any rule of sane logic, we can’t help but wonder what drove him there. We probably all know, but we ask nonetheless.

The stars are a grand illusion. Reaching for them will never amount to anything. He knows it, too. He is clenching his fist as he extends his arm and opens his other hand to embrace the impossible. A single tear is running down his cheek, barely adhering to the skin of his face. The stars’ glistening light reflects in the man’s sad eyes and unveils the pain of inconsolable regret. Suspended in cold space, embraced by the caressing rays of starlight, his hand is faintly shaking in a calm shiver of awe and sorrow. No trace of fear can be found in his mien. Not anymore.

A lifetime has passed and the stars never came closer. They told him that’s the way it was meant to be – stars are a grand illusion. To meddle with the force of the universe – to question its firm course – is a sin, a sacrilegious crime against what is and what always was. Existence revolts at the mere notion. Yet what law could be established without the corresponding crime? Boundaries demand affirmation by transgression; the forbidden turns into the unknown and the unknown fosters curiosity.

The man’s tear has fallen into space and is floating there as a beautiful, clear diamond, slowly drifting away from the stars into darkness. His gaze fixed on the light, the man inhales deeply and holds his breath. He grits his teeth and for a brief moment, a faint hint of anger seems to emerge from his expression. In his final effort, he reaches out once more, propelling his entire body towards the brilliant light. He knows that he is leaving forever with no chance of return. Taking the first and final step of the irreversible transition, he enters a world of fantasy far beyond anything he ever knew before. The sun will never shine upon him again, but he will be endlessly engulfed in everlasting starlight.

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