The Zurich English Student Podcast #5

Raph and Jenny ramble about university-related matters and whatever else matters to them. Please provide us with any sort of constructive feedback (use the comment section or send us an email) so that we can eliminate problems if possible. On this episode:

– Newsless Babble
– Reluctance to embrace Freud
– Shameless self-promotion
– Raph dreams of smoking
– Jenny dreams of a table’s legs

Access to the embedded file may be limited. Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast here, or download it here.

On Course: Dreams
Christa’s Seminar

Close-Up: (F)Ailing (T)Errors
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Guest Lecture: Historical Perspectives of the Civil Rights Movement
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6 responses to “The Zurich English Student Podcast #5

  1. Hi there, you two!
    I think you touched upon some very interesting points in your podcast. In particular, I liked your discussion on dreams, and I appreciated it being fairly critical of Freudian speculations. However, I would also like to strongly encourage you to make your podcast more interesting by actually saying what you know rather than what you don’t know. This way you prevent your “newsless” rambling from becoming entirely useless. Good luck!

  2. Take Milton’s Adam as an example: although completely bereft of a comprehensive form of knowledge even in his prelapsarian state, Adam remains a seeker for knowledge throughout the epic, just as Milton’s areopagitican readers, who strive to reassemble a divine truth once scattered. So you maybe can’t know everything, because human knowledge is “knowledge within bounds,” but I think there is some hope – let’s call it – epistemological itinerancy!

  3. Well, take into account that maybe we are rather into the ontological rather than the epistemological branch of philosophy, thus, explaining our awareness of the absence of certainty when it comes to the kind of knowledge you are referring to ; ).

    Other than that, it is very welcome to have somebody actually interested enough in our podcast to elaborately comment on it.

    • Why do people never make use of the “reply” functionality of wordpress?

      • friedrichjo

        Mainly, because they forget, as they type in comments while looking at Blake’s illuminated prints : P. (Of course, this activity might not apply to every commentator at any time and could therefore be subsituted with a wide range of other forms of disctraction).
        Also, they might be so utterly excited about having found something to comment on that they would get to feel subconsciously tempted to jump the step of hitting ‘Reply’ in favour of immediately typing away.
        And, last but not least, the explanation most likely true for the gross of commenting peoples not already covered by the previous two points: They might just have never noticed the little word ‘Reply’ next to the date and time bit above their (or other people’s) comments.

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