Oh My God! All These Exams!

Raph al Guul

10 things you can do to deal with upcoming exams:

  1. Pay attention all semester, like you were supposed to.
  2. Skip out on classes to learn for exams; then catch up with what you missed while skipping out on those classes.
  3. Finally ask someone for the notes from that session you missed two months ago.
  4. Stay up all night, acting like you’re trying to study, while actually just trying to stay awake.
  5. Procrastinate, hoping that it will unlock some sort of hidden academic super power that will allow you to acquire knowledge at extreme speed.
  6. Get off your ass and study like there’s no tomorrow (but there is – and there’ll be an exam on that day).
  7. Download and print out all the course texts from OLAT, and stare at the resulting pile of paper in discouragement.
  8. Depend on Lady Luck, pray that she’s not busy, and go out drinking with your friends.
  9. Wish all other students tons of luck, hoping that some of it might rub off on yourself.
  10. Don’t panic.

One thought on “Oh My God! All These Exams!

  1. friedrichjo

    11. Give a friend a thumb up which gets very unfortunately mistunderstood and you find yourself shaking and lightheaded, lying on the floor of one of the more damp and smelly cabins on the inside of a Vogon battle cruiser.

    12. Forget the exam, but remember not to panic. Try and fail to work out a plan, have a ridiculous amount of luck on your side (which you indeed earned under point 9).

    13. Save the day, the earth, and (at the very least) parts of the known and unknown universe. Travel back in time and sit the exam, because there will be no way around that.

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