The Zurich English Student Podcast #1

The first Episode of the Zurich English Student Podcast; Raph and Jenny ramble about university-related matters and whatever else matters to them. Bear with us on this one and please provide us with any sort of constructive feedback (use the comment section or send us an email) so that we can eliminate problems if possible.

Access to the embedded file may be limited. Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast here or download it here.

Fight Club (book) on Google Books
Fight Club (film) on IMDB
Ed Byrne’s homepage
Poetry Monday Submissions
Become a ZEST contributor
Funny Mondays
Doctoral Symposium: Precarious Bodies (contact Michelle Dreiding)
Donate Blood
English Theatre Group: The Merchant of Venice

Note that The Zurich English Student Podcast is our intellectual property and you need our permission to use or distribute any of its content for anything other than our explicitely expressed intentions. Most specifically, you are allowed to download The Zurich English Student Podcast and share the links that we provided, but under no circumstances do you have authorization to upload and share these files in any other fashion.


One response to “The Zurich English Student Podcast #1

  1. The next episode had to be pushed back to some time this weekend.

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