Poetry Monday #5: Untitled

by Carmen Brack

I wish I could breathe fire
Into every other face
A breath ripe with desire
A breath that leaves a trace

A trace of me in you
Of my soul in your soul
To soil or to enlighten
A flame that takes its toll

I wish I could inspire
Just one gaze in return
Desire for desire
Forget all fear and burn

(written May 1, 2012)

I clawed my way out of a hole
and never looked back.
Much later, I returned.
“Just to have a look,”
I told myself.
Standing, staring from the edge
I slipped.

(written April 22, 2012)

Have you ever created a poem or are you thinking about doing so? There are hardly any restrictions to what you can submit: sonnets, four-liners, epics, experimental poetry, whatever your style is. If you are interested and eager to participate, send your submissions to zest.poetrymonday@gmail.com.

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