Raspberry Tiramisu

Whenever I’m invited and asked to bring something, I make this Raspberry Tiramisu (a family recipe that has to be there on every birthday). Everyone loves it and it’s really easy to make! 200% guarantee of success 🙂

How to:

Whip 2 dl of single cream with a blender. Then add

–         250g of low-fat quark

–         250g of Mascarpone

–         100g white sugar

–         ½ packet of vanilla sugar

and whisk again.

The remaining ingredients you need are:

–         Orange juice

–         Ladyfingers (Savoiardi)

–         500g frozen (!) raspberries

Get a casserole and start layering:

Layer 1: Ladyfingers, briefly soaked in orange juice

Layer 2: Cream

Layer 3: Berries (defrosted! Make sure to use the defrosted berries only, you don’t need the resulting water)

Layer 4: Remaining soaked ladyfingers

Layer 5: Remaining Cream

Leave the Raspberry Tiramisu in the fridge for a few hours. I find that it is best when left in the fridge overnight.



One response to “Raspberry Tiramisu

  1. Mmmhh.. sounds absolutely delicious!! Like a taste of summer!:-)

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