Poetry Monday #2: Dark Circus

Dark Circus
by Friedrich Jo

A dark night out
A moonless night
You walk along
You walk alone
A lightless world
Indifference and war
A world of alcohol and nicotine
Of fear and hate
Of fevered sleep and codeine
You run through darkness, break down in darkness
You hear a call  Enter! Enter!
See the black tent rise  Enter! Enter!
strings of gleaming red eyes shine

Enter! Enter!

Enter! Enter! New circus in town!
First and only apparition tonight!
The circus of dreams!
(Of buried and forgotten fears)
Enter! Enter! Enjoy the show!
Enter! Enter!
Just enjoy
the damned show!
The director calls
Over rhythmic drums
Pounding like
the steady heartbeat
of the tygers
Running through
the night with gleaming eyes
Eyes in the tent – A tent full of eyes
And drums and drums and maddening drums
The director calls
At least three meters tall,
a night bird’s call
into the icy, blackened air
distorted by black idols of ice
many toothed, grinning dead creatures
of dark black icy fantasy
Tygers sidling through the dark,
when the director calls
Winged snakes rise and duck,
dancing to the steady heartbeat of the drums
From the tent’s invisible heights,
like spiders, Chinese trapeze artists swing
Some of them without the arms,
some of them with ten
with faces stony-grey
Their bloodless hearts are faint
No match for
the relentless beating of the drums
They die
When the director calls
They line up
and die
The tygers shun
from four mares with blazing eyes
(– real nightmares they are)
A devil’s dance
to the fevered rhythm of the drums
Nocturnal madness driven by
Pale, shadowy percussionists,
ghostly white
No eyes to distract them
the feverish rhythm of their drums
Shadows, apocalyptic,
fantastically unearthly scenes
All tumbling and toiling
In a lightless world
to the burning heartbeat of the drums
Run through   darkness, break down in darkness
Enjoy the show
Fevered sleep and alcohol and nicotine
A nocturnal trip
You’ll never forget
You’ll never regret
Enter! Enter!
Run through Darkness
You’ll never Escape.

As you may know, we are still very much struggling for more contributions to make Poetry Monday a regularly published project. Have you ever created a poem or are you thinking about doing so? There are hardly any restrictions to what you can submit: sonnets, four-liners, epics, experimental poetry, whatever your style is. If you are interested and eager to participate, send your submissions to zest.poetrymonday@gmail.com.

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