Danger at the Psychotherapist’s

Raph al Guul

You might know me or have heard of me at the very least. My name is printed on panels in every power plant in the world, I am the reason why Link should take a sword, and I am the herald of things often much less well known than me. That last part is quite curious; I am everywhere, yet I don’t actually do anything but indicate the arrival of those things. They are much more important than me. I’m an idle thought, a sign-post to the real thing. It is no wonder that some people laugh in the face of me, Danger.

The number of people who still fear me has rapidly diminished lately. Everybody is realizing that it isn’t me they should be afraid of. If I am avoided these days, it usually isn’t because I am scary, but because what comes after me is. To many, I am a joke, a relict from older times, when Danger was a name to be feared; I have been reduced to a roadside attraction. In fact, the final phase has already started. My role has been inverted.

I am actively sought out instead of being avoided. They call it a “thrill” or “kick”. Maybe I should be grateful for the attention I am getting. I suspect that will fade soon enough, too, making me utterly redundant at last. It used to be teenagers who gave me attention, thinking that it would be smart to do dumb things. Today almost everyone is thinking the same. And at what cost am I getting this attention? A mutilation of my nature. I used to be the ruler of the human race, now I am their jester. They call me when things get dull, and only then am I allowed to be present.

I fell from grace and the modern world has shut me out. I am barely noticed anymore and I have lost my purpose. I am told to find a new one, but it is just so hard to accept a conversion from king to clown. I was not created for this – and I do not want to exist if this is the only existence possible. Could Danger commit suicide, I would be long gone already. Let mankind deal with the things I once gloriously threatened them with. No more Danger, only pain, hunger, darkness, boredom, loss, and all the others. But of course I cannot kill myself. It is not in my nature. I will have to let them kill me. Slowly, painfully. I will not be a joke, I’d rather just not be at all. So go on. Laugh in my face.


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