Poetry Monday #1: Odes to Night

Last Night
by Andreas Gerster

Last night bogmen, creepy-crawlies,
pixies, goblins, like in stories
came to dance in my back garden
wi’out as much as “Beg your pardon!”

Hopping up and down like frogs,
drinking mead and boiling grogs,
jolly lanterns flickered brightly,
showing creatures quite unsightly.

by Andreas Gerster

star light
can’t reach the earth
since city lights
outshine star births

As you may know, we are still very much struggling for more contributions to make Poetry Monday a regularly published project. Have you ever created a poem or are you thinking about doing so? There are hardly any restrictions to what you can submit: sonnets, four-liners, epics, experimental poetry, whatever your style is. If you are interested and eager to participate, send your submissions to zest.poetrymonday@gmail.com.


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