Poetry Monday: Call for Submissions

Train Window
by Raph al Guul

Look out the window, what do you see?
Your gaze is roaming, running wild and free:
Someone’s world, someone’s life,
someone’s struggle, someone’s strife.
Blood, sweat, tears;
Hope, love, fears;
You see the people, you see them all;
Shiny, small, somber, and tall;
Pretty ladies, aging men,
quirky children, ladies again;
All alike, distinctly odd;
Trusting in fate, believing in god.

You stare at this world, strange and cold;
What is to come? Will the story unfold?

And the train moves on, steady and fast.
What is the presence, became the past.
Flash of recognition, memory so faint,
like a dusty picture and fading paint.
No structure, no sense, no explanation, no plan;
The story never ends and it never can.
Always changing, never still,
an ocean of moments, only seconds to fill,
an endless journey, and an endless quest;
They never stop, they can never rest.
Moving pieces of a portrait so great
tumbling and toiling in the sea of fate.

You stare at this world, what do you see?
A fragment, a scrap, no answers, no key.

And it’s only you to take a note
of stories no one ever wrote;
Too many faces, too much for you;
No way to perceive, no getting through.
Faces die, stories fade;
Relying on you to stop the shade.
Close your eyes, give in to the black;
Lose your grip, there’s no going back;
Beyond control, scream in tears;
Crushing despair, crippling fears.
They are all dead, they are all gone.
You let them down, look what you’ve done.

Come HS2012, we will present one piece of poetry in every installment of the biweekly Poetry Monday. The goal is to regularly feature fresh material submitted by various creative contributors from the ZEST. Ideally, we would be able to show-case a different author each time. In order for that to work, however, we need your submissions. Have you ever created a poem or are you thinking about doing so? As the submitted material will undergo a selective process, there are hardly any restrictions to what you can submit: sonnets, four-liners, epics, experimental poetry, whatever your style is.

If you are interested and eager to participate, send your submissions to zest.poetrymonday@gmail.com.

EDIT by Raph from 14.09.2012: There appear to be no interested and eager to participate students around. Seeing as Poetry Monday appeals to hardly any of our students, the project will be put on ice. If you missed this post earlier and would still like to participate nonetheless, fear not: should we get submissions in the future, we could still publish issues further down the line, with the major caveat that it will not be possible to make this a regular feature.


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