Goodbye; Au Revoir; Auf Wiederluege

 Ciara Murray

It’s been a great couple of years living and studying in Zurich. But like all good things, it comes to an end. With my MA exams behind me and a new trainee librarian job awaiting me in September, I’m saying farewell to the land of cheese, chocolate and snow-topped alps as I head back to England’s soggy shores.

I’ve really enjoyed setting up and editing ZEST, and have been amazed at the dedication, wit and creativity that all our contributors have shown. When I first started thinking about a newspaper project for the English Faculty here, I was worried that it would be difficult to get people involved because Swiss university life is quite different from what I was used to back home: for one thing, there isn’t a big tradition of founding a plethora of clubs, societies and random groups of people brought together by, for instance, their love of playing Poohsticks (yes, this is for real; see here if you don’t believe me).

Students at UZH take their studies seriously and more often than not travel considerable distances to get to their classes each day. A lot of students work part time, or study several subjects at once. All of which leaves less time and headspace for projects such as this one, which was why I have been so pleased to see it take off in the last year. We have had over 25,000 views and more than a hundred articles posted, which is fantastic.

I am keen for ZEST to continue after I leave, and in that vein it makes sense for me to hand over the editorship to someone who will still be studying at the English Faculty (ZEST is written for the students, by the students after all!) I hope I will still have time to occasionally contribute with articles – and of course will continue to read with interest! I am handing the Editor (metaphorical) hat over to Alan Mattli, who has been a stalwart ZESTer from the beginning. He has lots of ideas for bringing ZEST forward and I know you will give him your support as you have me. I am very proud of what we have achieved.

Many thanks to all who have made the project a success, and long may it continue!

                                                                       – the (outgoing!) ZEST editor

 I will be continuing to blog about books, reading and library life at: (currently under construction). Please keep in touch!

3 responses to “Goodbye; Au Revoir; Auf Wiederluege

  1. Best wishes for the future.
    And I guess thanks for creating this entire thing here. I found this to be an exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to (and preparing for) the upcoming semester at the ZEST. Also thanks for putting up with the more excentric ones among us (I don’t want to point fingers, but who has two thumbs and feels adressed?).

  2. Congrats on becoming a trainee librarian! Do you have word on your exams yet?
    I’m really sad to see you leaving though 😦 I hope we will have time to meet again before you board that final plane…
    Alan is definitely a worthy successor! I hope we can pick up some pace again here towards the end of the summer…

  3. Good luck on a new life stage! 🙂 Sad to see you go, even though we’re haven’t seen each other in real life…

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