What do stars do? Shine!

I saw Stardust for the first time in 2008 and was enchanted by its mix of fantasy and reality. Tristan Thorne is in love with Victoria, the most beautiful girl in the village of Wall. They see a falling star and Tristan promises to get it in return for Victoria’s hand in marriage.

On his romantic quest, Tristan will cross the border between the real world and the magical kingdom of Stormhold beyond the Wall, where his adventures begin…

The story (based on the novel by Neil Gaiman) has everything one could wish for: confrontation between good and evil, intrigue, love, magic, adventures. It is exciting to watch what happens to Tristan during his journey, how he transforms from a common shop-boy into a self-confident and brave young man. The star he is looking for appears to be a beautiful young woman Yvaine, desired by many because of her magic powers.

Based on a fairytale, the movie reveals aspects of the complex concept of love.  It can be unbearable and unpredictable, it makes one suffer, yet it is the most powerful and wonderful feeling in the world. It is love that helps you see with the heart, it is love that makes you stronger and it is love that can save your life. Through Yvaine and Tristan’s relationship, the movie illustrates its preciousness and magic and its importance in one’s destiny.

Recommended: for those who like romantic fairy-tales

Teaser:  see the trailer on YouTube


One response to “What do stars do? Shine!

  1. Good movie, and one I will almost certainly remember forever because I watched it at around 4am with my Then-Not-Just-Yet-Girlfriend.. 😀

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