If you are a citizen of planet earth, a hopeless romantic, a devoted astronomer, or all the above, tonight is your night. On werewolf nights like this, people around the world gather to watch the so-called supermoon, the brightest, biggest full moon of the year, appearing as close to the earth as 221,457 miles.

This celestial occurrence is certainly worth witnessing. The May full moon is 30% brighter and 14% bigger than your usual full moon. As NASA Science explains, the moon passes the earth on the perigee ellipse, the moon’s tract that is closest to earth. This gives the supermoon its scientific term, “perigee moon”.

Full moon never comes without its fair share of legends and superstitions, and who would want it otherwise. On these nights of resplendent clarity, all senses are heightened, and highly perceptible animals practice their rituals. So if you are wondering why your neighbor’s Labrador is suddenly howling in the middle of the night, you have your answer. Don’t miss this chance to join the howling.

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