Fitness Myth #3: Sets and Reps

Have you ever gone to the gym and had to wait several minutes for some big dude to finally complete his fifth set and get off that machine you need? Annoying, right? And a waste of his and your time to boot.
How muscle growth works:
Your muscles contain two different types of muscle fibers. One type for longer work at a lower resistance level (slow-twitch) and one for shorter work at a higher resistance level (fast-twitch). To bulk up, you need to target the second type.
Targeting the fast-twitch fibers is accomplished by using high resistance and few repetitions because these are the fibers that can do some serious work but they get tired fast. Anything over 120 seconds time under tension means the weight was too low because you cannot work the fast-twitch fibers for this long.
So: Up the resistance to the point where you can do no more than a maximum of twelve slow repetitions and then get off the machine and give somebody else a chance. There is no benefit to doing more than one set like this. Exhaust your muscles properly the first time and the triggered growth hormones will do the rest.

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