Cut the Crap

When you buy packaged food at the store, it always comes with at least one strip of cardboard showing you what the food should look like cooked and what’s in it. An oven-bake pizza, for instance, comes with a strip of cardboard for the name, the picture, the nutrients listing, etc. and a strip of cardboard backing the pizza so it isn’t floppy when you take it from the shelf. The pizza itself is simply wrapped in saran wrap. Frankly, that is the only justified bit of soon-to-be garbage. It keeps the germs off your food. But what about all the cardboard? Sure, in theory, cardboard is recyclable. However, a lot of it will not be. This made me think: we all have access to the internet in this country. Why not sell pizzas (and other foods) packaged in the bare minimum and provide food information online? This idea is not new, either. Several companies in the food industry maintain websites with detailed information on their products. One of them is

3 thoughts on “Cut the Crap

  1. friedrichjo

    Yeah, well. The idea as such is not bad and I sure get rather annoyed about all that extra trash you end up with having, when you buy certain food-stuffs. So now, for me there are several solutions to this, one being that I usually don’t buy these things, but I know that that cannot work all the time and for many people doesn’t work at all, so, unworthy to be called an actual solution.
    Then, there’s your idea with providing information online to avoid all the cardboard packaging, well, but what if I really need that information right there in the store? I don’t know maybe for reasons of wanting to know where ingredients come from or more importantly what those ingredients are, say, if I, or someone I knew, had some rather bad form of allergies or diabetes? It certainly would work out if every customer had some sort of smart phone or independent scanning device to be able to obtain that sort of information when they think they need it. Many people don’t have either of those things. So, I see your idea and it’s not a bad one, but it’s not really a possibility of just right now. Plus, wouldn’t it work just as well to simply print all that information onto the wrapper you see as neccessary for sanitary reasons?
    Still, it’s kind of comforting to read that there are people who think, care and thus write about these sort of things. And that’s now the very big plus!

  2. You’re right that sometimes you need to know about the food as you buy it (like people with allergies). Coop stores (at least the bigger ones) now have a little device you can scan the bar code with and it tells you where the item is from, what it’s made of, how much it costs, etc. This would make for a pretty neat way for everyone to access product information at the time of purchase.

  3. friedrichjo

    I read about those scanners once some time back. Kind of futuristic and certainly also kind of cool, but as for now the most sensible way to go would definitely be to reduce packaging to what is neccessary for reasons of hygiene use that to print information on…well…maybe they could start by discontinuing the individual plastic-wrapping of cumcumbers. I mean it’s not that they could catch any sort of venereal disease by lying next to each other, isn’t it?

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