Spring a la suisse – Carrot Cake

Spring has come! Finally one can enjoy sunny days and warm evenings, as well as switch to light mode in practically everything! 🙂  Carrot cake from canton Aargau  is just the right one for the season.

For 10 pieces

200 g sugar
300 g ground almonds
300 g carrots (grated with kitchen aid or food processor)
5 eggs
½ lemon, juice and rind
60 g flour
1 tablespoon Kirschwasser
1 teaspoon baking powder
Marzipan carrots (10)

1.  Grease a cake tin (24 cm) with butter. Add some flour and shake gently. Pre-heat the oven (165’C).

2.  Separate egg yolks from egg-whites. Mix egg-yolks with sugar until foaming and the sugar has dissolved completely.

3.  Add lemon rind, almonds, carrots, lemon juice, and flour with a pinch of salt and baking powder. Add Kirschwasser, and mix thoroughly.

4.  Beat egg-whites until stiff and fold carefully into the mixture.

5.  Pour the mixture into the cake tin and bake for 1 hour.

*The icing:  150 g icing sugar + 1 tablespoon of juice

**Decoration:  marzipan carrots

Bon appetit!

One thought on “Spring a la suisse – Carrot Cake

  1. carrot cake, or “Rüeblichueche” is my favourite cake of all time. And until I made the first one on my own, I actually didn’t believe that there were actual carrots in it 😀

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