Freaking Freezing in Zurich

Winter has come to Zurich. Water in the city fountains has frozen and there is snow on the roofs and on the streets. Temperatures have sunk down to -12’C at night and during the day it’s only -8’C. According to meteorological information, the cold weather front is coming from Siberia and will remain in Switzerland for one more week at least. In the meantime, here is how you can keep yourself warm… 🙂

1. Warm clothing

Suddenly the idea of having thermal underwear (Thermowäsche) seems very appealing – and not only for those who like ski-related activities in the mountains! It’s worth investing in a special T-shirt or pants – available in sport shops of the city. Also, don’t forget a dawn parka/jacket and protection for the ears and head – for example, a hood or a woollen cap (Mütze).

2. Warming food

Forget the diets for a while – you need energy to beat the cold, so it’s time to try warm dishes which will keep you comfortable from the inside (such as soups, goulash, spaghetti or pizza). Pastry is also welcome in moderate quantities – if you eat it for breakfast, the calories will burn throughout the day and there will be no need to feel guilty in the evening. Remember about fresh fruits and vegetables – vitamins are essential in winter.

3.  Movement

Simple activities at home, such as cooking and cleaning can keep you warm and provide a good distraction from sitting at a PC the whole day through 😉 If you have a Wii or X-Box, there are plenty of games to keep you moving and having fun!

4. Finally, there is a wonderful place in Zurich where one can forget about the cold for a while. It’s Thermalbad & Spa at Brandschenkestrasse 150 (open Mon – Sun, 9.00 – 22.00).  Here you can swim in hot-water pools and relax in jacuzzis, sweat in the steam-room and get a wonderful view over Zurich from the swimming pool on the top floor.

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