Bachelor Basics: Study Skills

With a fashionable delay of one day, this is part two in the Bachelor Basics post series, dealing with the module all first-years love to hate 😉——————————————————————————————————-

Course length: 1 semester.

Weekly class time: 2 hours.

Assessment: Final exam, several small group assessments.

Personal experience: I was rather grateful for this little module for two reasons. One, it helped me figure out how to write a proper bibliography and two, it provided two stress-free hours in a very busy first semester. While everybody (including the lecturers) seems to agree that cramming 50 students into a small, dimly lit room to watch a series of (albeit well done) powerpoint presentations might not be the ideal approach for this course, its merits are obvious. When you’re not used to studying in an academic environment, there’s a million things to learn, especially when it comes to paper writing. Study Skills can’t cover all of it, but it can give you a lot of important pointers.

Favourite part: Learning how to properly and efficiently use the possibilities of online article search. It might seem like a very minor point, but as your studies progress and your paper topics become more complicated, finding the right backup for your work is key!

Recommendations: Don’t underestimate the final exam – it might seem like an easygoing class, but you’ll still be required to spot minor bibliography mistakes. And whatever you do, take this course in your very first semester. That way, you will be prepared for your first paper (which you’ll most likely be required to write over the Christmas holidays or during your second semester). It will also prevent you from making many other rookie mistakes that could easily be avoided, and take less of a toll on your lecturers’ nerves which is always a plus! 😉


Next time: Textual Analysis!


3 responses to “Bachelor Basics: Study Skills

  1. +1 to the recommendation about the final exam – it IS necessary to prepare for it!

  2. Oh well, very nice summary. 🙂 I did the module last semester and you should know that there isn’t an exam anymore. There is only a linguistic- and a literature-Wiki project, where you have to apply the things you learned during the lessons. At the end of the semester, there is a group presentation about one of the two projects.

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