Christmas Countdown or the Hunt for Presents

A week and a couple of days are left till the most favorite European holiday – Christmas. It is a lovely time of year when family members get together and spend some lazy relaxing days, eating, playing games or watching movies. However, before it comes to that, an important part of the holiday should not be forgotten – the presents! Depending how much time you have, it can either be a blessing or a curse to look for the items for your loved ones. A brief review of possible presents follows 🙂

  • Sweets (Chocolate & Co)

As an addition to the main present, chocolates can be  a very good option, plus they are always welcome by the chocoholics. There are some very good boutiques in Zurich, such as Teuscher and Spruengli, where one can find a variety of chocolate bars, pralines and other interesting things, such as candied slices of oranges in milk/white/dark chocolate. There is Confiserie Merkur, with more democratic prices and a various choice of products.

  • Books

I’m sure that everyone likes to read, the question is to find the right book! When shopping for those, don’t forget to think about interests of the addressee and you’ll hit the bull’s eye. One can order them online without being stressed (for example, at , where many books also offer to sneak a peek inside and one can find a friend’s wish-list, too – that’s how you’ll can be 99% sure your present will be welcomed). However, if you like the atmosphere of a bookstore, Orell Fuessli (En or De Department) on Bahnhofstrasse is the right choice.

  • Coupons (Gutscheine)

Another popular idea:  a coupon of a shop for a certain amount of money. Many stores offer those and it saves you time and headache after thinking for hours what to buy. Add a card with seasonal greetings 🙂

  • Photo-calendar/Photo-book

A wonderful idea for friends or relatives who do not meet often due to circumstances. Your friends will ‘see’ you the whole year through on a calendar – you just have to find enough photos of good quality when preparing the item online. There are a couple of websites providing the service (Google knows them all!)

  • Cosmetics & Co

Good idea for your friends who like to try new fragrances. However, it’s better to know the taste of the addressee – it would be a pity when the present is not opened or given away to some other relative/acquaintance. The way out when in doubt – a coupon of the shop.

  • Home-made…

Candles, cookies, knitted scarves, scrap-books, photo-albums etc. are always appreciated – and it boosts your creativity!

  • Wii-,  PlayStation- & computer game

Again, the rule is similar to the one with cosmetics: once you’re sure that your friend likes such things, get him the newest item from the world of games!

What was the best Christmas present for you? Do you have troubles presents hunting?

2 responses to “Christmas Countdown or the Hunt for Presents

  1. I don’t give much of a bleep about Christmas, but I like that for number seven, you immediately assume that that “friend” must be male xD

  2. The computer games? I like to play some, too! 🙂 I’ve decided not to distinguish between male/female presents, some given options are pretty self-explanatory 😉

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