Faces of the Faculty #6, 6.12.11

Ciara Murray

This week I have a bumper edition of faculty faces; a literature and a linguistic double-whammy – which seems only appropriate for the ES! Today, representing the Literature corner, we have Christina Ljungberg, and Daniel Schreier batting for team Linguistics. And after that poorly executed sporting metaphor, let’s get on with the show!


7 responses to “Faces of the Faculty #6, 6.12.11

  1. Schreier is probably the only academic funny enough to actually make me kind of like linuistics. Plus: well – you know, he answers certain questions 😛

  2. Yes; I thought of you when I read that particular answer! Glad to have satisfied that at least before the column ended 😉

  3. I didn’t have Christina “Study Skills” Ljungberg down as a Kaurismäki enthusiast… What a pleasant surprise. *instant image boost*

  4. Good question about ruling the world: it’s interesting to see what kind of ideas people have in this area 😉

  5. haha, i really liked this one. very humorous.
    why exactly will you only write 7 of them and not more?

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