The Day That Fate Died

Raph al Guul

“I am sorry, Mr Up. But you are not paying your rent. I am going to have to evict you.”

Terrible things happen to you every day in your life. There are those big terrible things, like the woman of your dreams breaking up with you, losing your job, or getting evicted from your place. But those things happen once, maybe a few times in your life. You can deal with those. You can ignore them. You have the strength for it because quite frankly, overall, your life is not that bad.

A terrible life is not made up of big terrible things, Fred thought. His life had been in the shitter since high school. Not that he didn’t make an effort, but nothing – literally nothing at all – ever worked out for him. If your only memories were stories of failure, then you knew that you were having a bad life. And it was only then that the big terrible things would start to affect you. Fred had enough. He didn’t see the point any longer. His entire existence only caused him to be miserable. And everyone else was indifferent as fuck, anyway. He made a decision. One that he thought would be his last.

There was a stench of alcohol in the air. Empty beer cans and a half empty bottle of whiskey lay on the ground. Fuck this. He fell to his knees, staring at the air in front of him with his bloodshot eyes, raising his hand for one last time. The gun in his hand was heavy, his palm sweaty. A single tear ran down his cheek. It was all that he had left. He felt the cold iron on his temple and he thought: This is it.

He pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. He tried again. Nothing. He should have learned how to handle a gun first. This was a disaster. He lowered his hand; the gun slipped his sweat-covered fingers. He had been a failure all his life, but now he even failed at his own suicide. And while he was realizing this dazzling truth in his mind, he began to hear Fate laughing at him. Not that he wasn’t convinced that Fate had been laughing all along – only now, he actually heard it. And while it was a faint giggle at first, it started to rise to full-blown laughter of hilarity. And then he saw her. Fate was standing right in front of him, pointing at him, laughing.

Fate was a very old woman who looked equally like a stereotypical witch and a beautiful princess. Fred didn’t notice. All he felt was bitter, blind anger exploding inside of him. You fucking bitch! You sadistic little piece of shit! He jumped up, right at her. His hands grabbed her throat, destined not to let go until this was all over. Fate had stopped laughing.

She must have been surprised by this turn of events. She didn’t fight it. Her dreadfully beautiful eyes simply expressed a mixture of fear and helplessness. And strangely, there also seemed to be a hint of amusement in there. It was this amusement that kept Fred going. This bitch couldn’t even stop ridiculing him while he was strangling her to death. Soon, Fate started making gargling noises and then those faded. Fred kept the pressure on Fate’s throat even though he knew that it was over. He knew he had just killed Fate.

What Fred didn’t know was that it wasn’t the first time that Fate had died. In fact, she was more often dead than alive. But she always came back and she knew it. Some believe that Fate is omnipresent. But that is nonsense. She hardly ever is. That’s what makes her so great. Fred went on to live. His life hadn’t changed much. But something had. Fred never quite figured out what it was.


2 responses to “The Day That Fate Died

  1. One can feel the tension and struggle of the character when reading. Interesting turn of events, I liked it! 🙂

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