ES Courses – Source of Inspiration

Universität Zürich; Ursula Meisser

It might be a bit too early to prepare the timetable for next semester; however, everyone already has got the notification to subscribe for FS 2012. What does the English Seminar have to offer? Let me briefly introduce some of the courses I’ve taken part in so far…

History of English Literature

Since it is a 2-semester course, many students might have started with it already this autumn. It is Prof. Heusser who is revealing secrets of the masterpieces of English literature, combined with a good amount of theoretical and cultural background. Every time the lecture is over, I regret that it is only 45 minutes and look forward to hearing more. Luckily, there is a second part, Readings, where one can discuss important issues of literary works and their connection to different theories. This course will be continued in FS 2012 with Angela Esterhammer and, I hope, will be just as good as Part I.

Shakespeare: Three Tragedies

Taught by Allen Reddick, this seminar for 2 CP offers one a closer look into three of Shakespeare’s famous tragedies: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and King Lear. You will learn more about Shakespeare, his writing techniques, the English theatre and cultural life in Britain. Presentations and discussions can be very exciting once you have looked at the tragedies from another perspective.

Irish Culture

This course is not offered yet for the spring semester, but things may change. I took part in the Irish Culture course in spring 2011 and have very warm recollections about it. First, it is a course for those who are in love with Ireland; in particular, with its myths, books, music and dances. Dr. Shane Walshe has chosen the best of his country to talk about – each lecture is a virtual journey to this beautiful land. There will be many discoveries for you, from the very beginning (the Celts) to contemporary matters in Ireland (politics, popular culture, the Irish film industry, religion etc).

* * *

Have you attended any of the lectures and seminars mentioned above? What courses in HS 2011 did you find especially attractive? Feel free to comment and share your experience!


3 responses to “ES Courses – Source of Inspiration

  1. I absolutely loved LitHist too – Professor Esterhammer’s lectures are among my fondest memories of the ES! And the Readings module is great too – you’ve already done the reading for the LitHist lecture anyway, so it’s a great way to discuss the texts more in-depth…and earn an extra 2 KP 😉

  2. I completely agree: Irish Culture was fantastic, probably the best course I’ve attended at university so far.

  3. Everyone loves the Irish, right…? 😀
    If you like the music, we play on Thursday evenings at McGees pub in Wiedikon, 8.30-11pm…

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