The Luxury Version of a Popular Treat: Ladurée Macarons


Sweets. They can make us crave them one day and hate them the next. But there is one treat to which no one will regret surrendering: the lavish Ladurée macaron. This delicious dessert has long enticed us from behind the glass counters of Ladurée tearooms worldwide. And ever since Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf became addicted to the macarons’ delicate pistachio filling and Marie Antoinette (aka Kirsten Dunst) indulged in these colorful pastries on her 18th-century set, Ladurée macarons have acquired an even more extravagant taste.

Maison Ladurée opened its first tearoom on Rue Royale in Paris in 1862. Today, this luxury brand of tidbits has shops in seventeen major cities around the world. But it was in 2009 that Ladurée brought its iconic pastry right into the heart of Zurich with a new patisserie in Kuttelgasse 17. An array of macaron towers lure shoppers inside the pastel-green store, where a décor worthy of Fortnum and Mason bedazzles them as they plunge into a sea of candy, elaborate cakes, delicious teas, scents for the home, and of course, the legendary soft and chewy macarons.

Ladurée macaroons come in all colors and flavors: fruity lemon and orange blossom, classic vanilla, chocolate and caramel, and even rose and licorice. There is no waiting line that shoppers wouldn’t endure to bite into some of that lavishness. A 45-minute wait is the record outside the latest Ladurée shop, which recently opened on Madison Avenue in New York City. And with Ladurée crossing the Atlantic, what better seasonal flavor for the Big Apple than the Granny Smith Macaron?

As if irresistible sweets weren’t reason enough to rush to Kuttelgasse right away, wait until you see your favorite selection of macarons wrapped in the most adorable Ladurée boxes. These exquisite works of art are receiving a new addition customers are bound to love: the fashion box. A limited edition created by British designer Matthew Williamson, the box made its debut in London and Paris during Fashion Week. It is now awaited with anticipation in New York City and is dreamed of in Zurich. So if you happen to jet set to one of these Ladurée locations anytime soon, enjoy the goods and bring back the box. Wherever this holiday season brings you, now you know which green-colored door to knock on.

To see a complete list of Ladurée sweets, history, and hot spots throughout the world visit

Pictures taken from    5:23 PM Oct 30, 2011.


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